Mary didn't discriminate! Artist: Jacob Stengl 2017

Beyond Boundaries and Bigotry: Mary MacKillop’s (not-Catholic) Backers

Mary Ryan, Curator and Director of Kensington’s Mary MacKillop Museum, will present some fascinating and wonder-ful stories of prominent 19th Century Adelaidians, Joanna and Robert Barr Smith, Emanuel Solomon and Dr John Benson.  While not sharing Mary MacKillop’s religious beliefs, they recognised her goodness and humanity, and solidly supported her work among the poorest of the poor, at a time when the leaders of her own church were less than supportive, and, at times, openly antagonistic towards Mary and the Sisters. This presentation will be informal and invite interaction from the audience. It will be followed by an optional guided tour of the Museum. 

Presented by Mary MacKillop Museum