Funeral of Sir Frederick William Holder c1909, B 10077 State Library of South Australia.

Beliefs, Attitudes and Customs: West Terrace Cemetery

Explore life, death and the hereafter at West Terrace Cemetery and delve into the diverse religious beliefs, traditions and rituals of thousands of South Australians.

The Beliefs, Attitudes and Customs interpretive trail explores the religious diversity of South Australia. It reveals the changing customs and practices surrounding death and mourning across cultures and religions throughout the years.

There are 15 points of interest on this self guided loop walk; each is marked with an interpretive panel. Start your journey at stop one opposite the old curator’s cottage, just inside the main entrance. Use the digital guide and purple wayfinding markers to help guide you through the cemetery. 

Duration: 60 minutes
Distance: 2 kilometre loop walk
Level: Easy
Digital Guide:

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