View of the exhibition Ahlan wa Sahlan (Welcome): Hospitality in Arabic Culture, photographer Xplorer Media & Tony Ni

Ahlan Wa Sahlan: (Welcome) Hospitality in Arabic Culture

Arabic cultures from all over the world are renowned for being masters in generosity when it comes to hospitality. ‘Ahlan wa sahlan’ is a common phrase that will greet all family, friends and strangers and literally translates as ‘welcome, you have arrived!’ This exhibition delves into the meaning of Arabic hospitality through personal objects and creates a tapestry of stories full of nostalgia, love and pride. The Arabic Language and Culture Association of South Australia (ALCASA) partnered with the History Trust of South Australia to gather these stories from the Arabic speaking communities in South Australia to showcase diversity and enhance belonging. Alan Wa Sahlan informs, entertains and educates about the rich history and traditional cultures associated with Arabic hospitality. Supported by a grant from Multicultural Affairs, Department of the Premier and Cabinet.

Presented by History Trust of South Australia Migration Museum and Arabic Language and Culture Association of SA