Exploring a mosque with herbal and prayer books built by the cameleers. Pamela Rajkowski.

Afghan Cameleer Herbalists: 1890s to Contemporary Times

Where did camels who travelled a long oceanic voyage to Australia come from? Did the cameleers all speak the same language? Why did Australia need camels and cameleers? Many cameleers came with an ancient knowledge of healing herbs, spices and plants and changed work to became hakkims (herbalists) with consulting rooms. Why did so many Australians seek their treatments and applications? What were their imported herbs and locally acquired ingredients? Touch the herbalist jars and plants in the herbs exhibit and smell, feel and taste them. Why was the Adelaide Central Market and local gardens essential to acquiring their ingredients? In the outback along their camel tracks did Afghans and Aboriginal people swap knowledge of Australian healing plants?  Share your memories of healing plants. 

Presented by Pamela Rajkowski