Tram Barn A, now the State Herbarium, housed the original fleet of Adelaide Trams. Botanic Gardens and State Herbarium.

Adelaide’s Heritage-listed Tram Barn: Home to the State Herbarium

Celebrate South Australia’s History Festival with a tour of the State Herbarium located in Adelaide Botanic Garden.

Enjoy a guided tour of this heritage-listed building that once housed the original fleet of Adelaide trams. Tram Barn A is now used as the State Herbarium and is a centre for crucial plant science and conservation.  

Join the Herbarium’s staff as they guide you through the stories made within the building’s walls. Learn about its original use as the East End’s transport hub and how it now safe-guards over one million plant specimens instead.

Discover the building’s history, current purpose and what the future may hold.

Presented by Adelaide Botanic Gardens