Faces of the Past. Adelaide Zoo for Haunted Horizons.

Adelaide Zoo Dark History Tour

A day at Adelaide Zoo is thrilling enough but what about after dark? The noises, the stories and the mysteries will come to life in the first-ever tour of its kind.

Join Haunted Horizons on an intriguing journey through the curious and darker history of Adelaide Zoo. Learn about the former residents, both human and animal. Your experienced guide will walk you through this unique location whilst regaling you with stories of its past history, both quirky and dark.

  • Learn of the elephants and their quirky behaviour and stories, including bouncing a Rolls-Royce for fun!
  • What of George, who had a special treat for teenage boys who annoyed him?
  • Learn of past tragedies involving both keepers and the public in and around Adelaide Zoo.

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Presented by Adelaide Haunted Horizons