Poster for Yokohama Nursery (1910), Caroline Simpson Collection MHNSW

A Wonderous Plant Connection

Adelaide and Stirling are a long way from Japan, yet there is a strong link that’s rarely been explored. The Yokohama Nursery Company supplied several Adelaide Hills gardens and Japanese influences remain evident today, none more so than Forest Lodge, the Hills retreat of John & Lucy Bagot. While on a private world cruise by steam yacht in the 1880s, they called at the well-known export nursery and purchased considerable collections. They purchased two volumes of coloured woodblock prints along with the plants, so identification could be verified on flowering. These volumes are now held in a private collection in Adelaide and will illustrate the talk.

Presented by Milton Bowman (former owner of Forest Lodge) and Trevor Nottle (horticulturalist, author & broadcaster). 

Presented by Australian Garden History Society