Dartmoor Homestead, Naracoorte Station 'Stockman's Quarters & Stores' circa 1890, courtesy of National Trust archives.

A Story of Two Towns: A Walking History of Narracoorte-Kincraig Streets

Have you ever wondered how the township of Naracoorte began? Take a walking history tour beginning at the towns’ Premier Sheep Station from 1842, then called the ‘Narracoorte Run’, now Narracoorte Homestead. Your group walk will continue along MacDonnell Street, Naracoorte’s original first Main Street, stopping at the original buildings that were then the Police Station, Globe Hotel, & other government buildings. This was considered Naracoorte township (North of the creek). Your group walk will continue to Simpson’s Mill, now The Sheep’s Back Museum, and pause at Pioneer Park, the original Narracoorte-Kincraig cemetery. Then, your walk will return via Kincraig township along a section of the new Creek Walk (South of the Creek).

Presented by The Sheep's Back Museum