Stanley plane selection, South Australian Historical Tool Association.

A Display of Wonderful Tools

Join SAHTA for an evening of discussion and displays exhibiting the beauty of the tools used to build South Australia. Exotic woods and metals made not only functional but wonderful tools of trade. Cabinet making, carpentry, plumbing, engineering, blacksmithing and masonry works all required usable and longlasting tools. Their quality of manufacture has meant many have lasted 100+ years and with a bit of care and/or sharpening, can be put to use today, just as they were used in their day. We will celebrate the utility and beauty of tools from bygone eras.

Guests are welcome to share the evening with us and contribute to the discussions. Donations of unwanted tools are most welcome to add to our future displays and education of the general public and to the importance of preserving history.

Presented by South Australian Historical Tool Association