Helen's top tips from the Event Organiser workshops

Throughout November, a number of workshops were held by the History Trust to assist us planning our events for 2019. All were well attended, and of great interest to those of us who went along.

Our events are important to us, as we plan and invest so much passion into what we do. We are fortunate to have the advice and support of the History Team to guide us, and provide any help we may need. 

Here are some of the important things we learned at the information sessions:

  1. Encourage questions; they often give an insight into our guests’ interests. Though we may not always have the answer, our guests feel they have been listened to. Most of us respond to a welcoming presenter – someone who is happy to share their knowledge, and make us feel  part of the event.
  2. Often it is difficult to ensure everyone can hear what is said by the tour leader. This can be partially overcome by using a microphone, and encouraging people to move closer to the guide (generally people will spread out, often taking photos, and talking in small groups). Also, face the group when talking to them, as our voice will get lost if facing away. 
  3. Bring the group together, share photos, and keep them close to the guide.
  4. As many of our guests may be of an older generation, it is important to ensure available seating.
  5. Have a second tour leader to take up the last position in the group, to facilitate movement, and keep everyone together. 
  6. Encourage group participation. Group members often have valuable information to add to the discussion, not available to, or not considered, by the tour guide.  
  7. Move to another space if the planned area is noisy, or if there’s another group in the area.  
  8. Have a plan B and be flexible. People are all so different!
  9. Be considerate and plan alternative routes for people using mobility aids.

May will come around very quickly – Christmas certainly has! Earlybird registrations are due in by 24 January 2019, and the final deadline for event registrations is 7 February.

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