Happy International Museums Day!


South Australia

Friday 18 May marks International Museum Day for 2018. Did you know there are around 200 museums and special collections across South Australia? An incredible 47 of these museums have produced events for the History Festival in 2018. Without museums, the South Australian History Festival could not produce such an incredibly diverse range of programs. When we think of museums, we often think only of the centrally located museums in the Adelaide CBD. The History Festival therefore serves as a great reminder of all the fantastic regional museums. These regional museums do an incredible job of preserving local stories and fostering links in the community. Because at the end of the day isn’t that what a museum is? A communal repository for nurturing community links to the past so we can celebrate the present. 

So if you are unsure what your next History Festival event should be, how about you get out there. Pick a region in South Australia and start exploring. Perhaps you’ll find an obscure object in a corner of a museum that you’ve never heard of, or you’ll learn about one of South Australia’s pioneering settlers or maybe you will just get to eat something delicious. Almost all of South Australia’s regional museums are located in beautiful heritage listed buildings that are just waiting for you to coo over and take too many pictures of. How are you not curious? I also want to acknowledge that the majority of all museums in South Australia are managed by volunteers. When was the last time you thanked a volunteer?

If you are interested in more information about regional South Australian museums and community projects then you should visit the South Australian Community History website. 

Stay curious,

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