'Another wonderful festival! The highlight of my year'

Regular guest blogger and History Trust volunteer Helen recalls her favourite bits of the 2019 History Festival.

Another wonderful festival! The highlight of my year, and now I will look forward to next year. 2020.

Again I have made some new friends, and had a wonderful time catching up with those I have already made. There are some very loyal History devotees in Adelaide, who also love the Festival.

I am so lucky to have come to know so many, including Pat, Anthea, Nancy, Robbie, Erina, Joyce, and now Allison, Elaine and her Mum.

It is difficult to know which events I have enjoyed most – they have all been just wonderful. The effort volunteers and local councils put in to making the festival successful is amazing. (And such good value, even if a small fee is involved.) I have also enjoyed many lovely cakes, teas and coffees, and finger foods!

I loved the Epic Flight Centenary Magical History Tour. It had been many years since I had visited the Vickers! I think the enclosure was once at the entrance to the old Airport. Good to note that it is now being moved to a more prominent position in the new Airport. We visited the birthplace of Sir Ross Smith; the North Road Cemetery, where he is interred; and were treated to a wonderful fresh lunch at the Aviation Museum in Port Adelaide. There was much more!

Visits to the Central Market, following the Edmund Wright Trail with Keith Conlon, ‘Quirky Colonial Characters of Adelaide’, ‘Reading Architectural Drawings’ at the Architecture Museum, ‘Visit the Torrens Parade Ground’, ‘Lost Cinemas of Rundle and Hindley Streets’, and ‘The Olde Alberton Cemetery’ were also wonderful. And, again, a great opportunity to meet other like-minded people, who also love to share their knowledge.

Exhibitions I loved were the ‘George Hutton Photographic Memory Enlarged’, and ‘The Ghosts of Stations Past’ at the National Railway Museum. The Epic Flight Exhibition in the Barr Smith Library was very comprehensive, with a menu and a note signed by Kingsford Smith to Sir Ross and Sir Keith.

Coincidentally, I enjoyed ‘Discover your Family History’ at Semaphore Library. The lovely young man who was assisting me, Warwick, had recently researched my family for his presentation for the Olde Alberton Cemetery Event. I was thrilled, and consequently some others in my family attended also. He also gave me a copy of his speech.

Government House is a gem – wonderful open days in May and October and a very approachable Governor and his lovely wife who welcomed visitors to their home. Ayers House After Dark was great too – appreciative guests who enjoyed the experience!

So here we are again, at the end of May. Less than a week to go. I will soon prepare my spreadsheet, and look forward to filling it next year when the guide is again ready. Until next year… stay safe, and happy planning!

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